the band

Pelvic Tilt is an Amsterdam based thrashrock quartet founded in 2018. The four friends have been rocking together in various bands for many years now, and as Bon Scott from AC/DC once said, "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock 'n roll", the top shouldn't be too far away now... The songs they produce are mainly about primary needs: booze, guitars and women.

Martijn Braamhaar // lead vocals, guitar
Giso Lommers // vocals, guitar
Michiel Rohlof // vocals, bass
Matthijs van Wijmen // drums


Beautifull - Live @ Doka

Burn for cash - Live @ Doka


30th august // 20:00 - vondelbunker Amsterdam - With Masuda & Club Dino's

29th september // 20:00 - Cinetol Amsterdam // De grit live
3rd october // 16:30 - Hut van Ome Henne // Leids ontzet
24th november // 20:00 - Volta Amsterdam // De Grit Live